Parent FAQs

How do we close down the running apps before school?

Double click the home button, press on one of the apps that appear at the bottom of the screen.

Swipe the app cards up to shut them down

Continue until the apps are cleared – press the home button to return.

Cards 2

How do I know what my child was just looking at on the iPad?

Double press the home button. The apps that appear in card form are the most recent apps that were open in order.

Can I block certain apps?

Short answer – not really

Access can be restricted to a limited number of apps that came with the iPad (Settings>General>Restrictions>Enable Restrictions) – Make sure to write down the lock code that you enter – forgetting can lead to difficulty downloading apps etc.

Individual downloaded apps cannot be blocked (eg Facebook/Viber etc)

You can use guided access to allow access to only one app (which they can’t exit without a password you create – keeping them in their textbooks perhaps!?)


Can I see what they were looking at on the internet?


Acceptable Use Policy 2015 PDF

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